Bangle Size Guide

Bangle Size Guide

Norms to measure bangle size:

This chart will be helpful to determine the bangle size that you need.

While Measuring your hand, you will need a measuring tape or a piece of paper and a ruler. Bring your thumb and little finger together and measure were your hand where there is the widest space before wrist..

Procedure 1

Step 1:

⦁ Cut a thin strip of paper or Thread
⦁ Wrap the paper/Thread around your widest space on hand above the wrist…
⦁ Mark the spot where the paper/Thread meets

Step 2:

⦁ Measure the length of the thread with your ruler.
⦁ Use the following chart to determine your bangle size.

Procedure 2

  • Here is another chart that can also be considered in determining the appropriate bangle size.
  • Measure the inside diameter of a bangle that you already own.
  • It measures inside the diameter of such bangle in millimeters.
  • This is normally used for double checking your results from the usual paper method.
  • Apart from this, you can also make use of the bangle that you wear daily and cross check the same with below chart.
  • Take a bangle and place it on a scale
Bangle Size (Indian) Circumference
Inches MM
2-2 6.68 169.7
2-4 7.07 179.6
2-6 7.46 189.5
2-8 7.85 199.4
2-10 8.24 209.3
2-12 8.64 219.5
2-14 9.03 229.4
3 9.42 229.4